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Lose Fat quickly and safely, without diet or exercise.

Considering a surgical facelift? UltraSlim non-invasive facelift is safer and half the cost.

Change your body, and change your life forever!

About UltraSlim

Each time we consume more calories than our body burns, our body stores those excess calories in our fat cells. Over time, we gain weight and lose our lean, youthful appearance.

To many, losing fat sounds easy, just eat less and exercise more. But for many reasons, it is more complicated and far easier said than done.

UltraSlim is a patented method of emptying the fat cells so that the body can void the unwanted fat cell contents. The process occurs with only 8 minutes exposure to a special type of light invented in 2011 by our founder, Terry J. Ward, M.H.A.

UltraSlim is painless and non-invasive, with no downtime and no known side-effects. UltraSlim is the only solution for immediate fat loss without dieting, exercise, drugs, or surgery.

UltraSlim has patent protection in 146 countries and is the only non-surgical fat reduction technology with comparable results. In the United State, all UltraSlim services are provided under physician supervision.

Obesity Medicine Specialist

"Introducing UltraSlim to my weight loss practice, was one of the best decisions of my medical career. 

It's incredible to be able to offer immediate results to patients.”

Ellyn Levine, M.D., Founder, Trilogy Health, La Mesa, California

Cosmetic Surgeon

"This really works. My first patient lost 6 1/4 inches in 3 treatments." 

Robert H. Burke, M.D., F.A.C.S., Director of the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Watch A Live Procedure

Watch while patient Patricia Mallard loses 3 7/8" at one treatment, including her before measurements, four 8-minute treatments, and her after measurements, all at one visit.